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We're a team of passionate video production professionals who love transforming imagery into communication tools that elevate your viewers, and ultimately, your business.


If you're looking for video editing services for your corporate video, YouTube video, training video or product video, then we can help. We handle everything from quick edits to extended footage of events and meetings. We can add your brand plus subtitles.
We can help with video editing services, no matter what kind of video you are making.


What are video editing services?

Video editing services are our thing! Whether you're making a corporate video, a YouTube influencer video, a content marketing video or a training video – our video editing skills can polish your work to a professional standard.
Many of our clients work on self-produced material that they've decided they want a little more sophistication or polish. We do everything from quick edits of footage to significant pieces that need subtitles and brand collateral.


Which videos do we edit?

Our team have experience in all manner of videos – from the corporate to the short ad. Our clients will often have media that they have sourced themselves, footage shot on shoddy home equipment or broadband connectivity below bar.
Our professional videographers can put this right by using their skills and equipment to make a massive difference in quality and output.
Just let us know what type of video you have and what you want us to do to it, and we will do the rest. Whether it's a movie on a family reunion, a training video, or you have captured a meeting that you want all your staff and customers to view, we can work wonders on some of the most inferior and low-quality material.

What are the benefits of having your videos edited?

When it comes to videos, Moogle Marketing has in-depth experience. From advising you on the best way to self-shoot your videos to working with you on content. Our team know how to create engaging and inspiring material, and you get outstanding value for money.
Some of our clients have come to us to piece together various video pieces into what might be called a collage. Using library footage, we've been able to tell a client's story or demonstrate the value of a service or product.
Other clients ask us to edit footage, use a new brand, or change some other elements. Those looking for the most cost-effective way to create a video are to shoot it themselves and then pass it over to us for the video editing stage.

How we work on your video editing project

If you're in a rush to get things finished, we have an excellent track record of working fast. Sometimes, we have to complete a video editing project within 12 hours and others in 36 hours. However, if you're a little more flexible, you might want us to come over to your location to help with the capture process.
We can work on-site or back in our studio, where we usually work on all our video editing projects.

What can you expect from our video editing service?

Fortunately, being based in Morocco means that our video editing service offers cost-effective rates. You won't be hiring somebody who uses London based premises to edit your videos. We have low overheads, which means you're not paying admin or premises; you're purely paying for time and talent.
There's no need to hire video editors who have high-cost facilities. We can produce content that meets your brief at cut prices but retain the quality you'd hope for any project of this nature.

Who is Moogle Marketing and why choose us?

With years of video editing experience, Moogle Marketing can work on everything from podcasts to promotional ads, corporate communications, Kickstarter videos for funding purposes and even music videos.
Our team has the technical know-how, but we also have a good understanding of story-telling and storyboarding. The outcome demonstrates what a difference this can make for any video.


The benefits of using a video editing service

Moogle Marketing has a video editing service in Morocco that helps businesses grow by editing amazing videos – using music, video files in any format, images and more.
You won't need to pay those high prices for a fancy London video editor. Our overheads are lower and reflected in our prices.

Do we help youtubers with video editing?

We help YouTubers and pretty much anybody looking for a creative, efficient and cost-effective way to get great video content.

Our clients typically don't know where to start or are return clients who are more than satisfied with our output.

When people come to us not knowing what to do next, we can lead the way in producing a piece that looks good and gets the results they're seeking. Our team is flexible and versatile while being creative and talented. We make everything from presentations to short videos for advertising, marketing, and promotional purposes. What more could any business ask for?

How can Moogle Marketing help small businesses with video editing?

We can help you with any size project. None are too big, and none are too small. Video editing is an area in which Moogle Marketing excels. You may already have some footage to share with us, or you want us to start from scratch. Whatever the case, we can help you create something exceptional.

How do we help with corporate video editing services?

When you work with us, you can expect good value video editing services. Our team is creative and cost-effective when it comes to corporate video editing services.

We may use any number of software tools such as

  • Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Our main goal is to give you the video you want and go all out to ensure that you and your team are more than satisfied with the outcome.

What will happen when you instruct a video editing expert?

Whether you want a video for digital marketing, YouTubing or your business is all about communication, using a video editing expert may seem like an unwanted expense. However, that's not how we operate.

Our team are specialists in video editing, but they have found which elements are essential for any decent production and ensure that these are included in your video.This means we don't have to go all around the houses looking for the best way to do your video, and we cut straight to the chase for a remarkable outcome.

Communicating with our video editing services team

Many different outsourcing companies out there, but very few can offer the high calibre of work that our strict selection criteria ensure. Our staff are BA and MA level and have 100% proficiency in English, French and Arabic, so you know nothing will get lost in translation like with some outsourcing companies.
The key objective of our business is to make yours more efficient.
Whether you are looking for a video editing specialist, an animator or somebody to put all your data into a spreadsheet, we are here to help. We have trained staff who can take your business to the next level.

Why should you contact Moogle Marketing?

Besides giving you more time to devote to other key business areas, our services will enable you to call upon expertise in activities that you do not have in-house specialists for.
Our staff are fully trained up, you just need to guide them with any specifics to your brand or your business, and they’re ready to roll.
Contact us today to see how we can help your business.


Would you like to discuss your commercial goals before hiring us?

Get in touch today for a no-obligation chat about your business goals.


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