Managing Director

As project manager, Adil is your first port of call. A team player whose skill set includes custom web site development, coding, content creation, SEO, conversion and everything possible in digital marketing, Adil holds a computer science diploma. His claim to fame is passing the exam in 6th position in Morocco.

Having worked for several big brands and businesses in Morocco, Adil has a good understanding of what works when it comes to getting noticed and getting people to act. Although he is mainly a web developer, he knows how to do everything from photo and video editing to SEO and CPC advertising.

A man who loves to work all hours, Adil runs the team and ensures everything is done as it should be. Ask him about his E-commerce websites that connects buyers, shippers and suppliers all over the country and his social network for students and teachers. Adil is a respected and very capable manager who will do what it takes to help your business succeed..