Owner & CEO

  • Marrakech Morocco

A London-Lawyer by profession, Majad initially entered the world of digital marketing in 2009 whilst creating his first website for his Criminal Law Firm, Stuart Miller Solicitors.

Intrigued by the combustion of creativity, data analytics, consumer psychology and digital conversion strategies; Majad split his time and skills between his practice as a Fraud Lawyer and a Digital Marketer.

Majad invested thousands of hours learning, practising and evolving his digital marketing skills. Originally trained and continuously coached by S.E.O Guru, Mr Danny Richman of www.seotraininglondon.org, Majad now has knowledge and expertise in website creation, Google based search engine optimisation, social media marketing, paid advertising on Google and social media platforms, content creation, Graphics designing, video production and editing and most importantly; online consumer behaviour, industry research and marketing data analysis.

If you are tired of spending substantial sums of money on digital marketing which returns you little or no results, speak to Majad. Whilst we have a waiting list of clients seeking our services, Majad can guide you on how to save your money, avoid damaging the value of your domain with Google and start to lay the necessary foundations for your digital marketing success in the future. It won’t cost you any money and you will benefit substantially even in the interim period (Majad’s way of securing your trust – if it works for you – we will be happy to manage your digital marketing needs when we have the availability).

Majad’s legal background and commercial / company knowledge can give you advice on marketing budgets, marketing plans, marketing objective time-scales, returns on investment from digital marketing and most interestingly, how to save on your tax bill by outsourcing your digital marketing projects to Morocco.