Social Media Advertising

A strong social media marketing strategy always includes social media advertising.
It’s surprising how it’s possible to reach thousands of new prospects by spending a relatively low amount. You can engage and inform potential clients about the advantages of using your business.


Using years of experience, our team knows how to grow your business by using effective online marketing techniques. You can see our services from the menu above – everything from website design to mobile apps to social media analytics are all services we offer.
We provide everything with a growing business needs for marketing services from graphic design to copywriting to infographic production to social media ads and more. Not to mention that we are offshore, so you’ll get some fabulous prices.

Who are Moogle Marketing and why choose us for your Social Media Analytics and Advertising?

Moogle Marketing is located in Marrakech in Morocco and offers a wide range of online marketing services. From video production to website design and development, content creation and copywriting, we’re here to help businesses of every size get the growth they want.

Most customers say that it’s the quality of our work that is the primary influence on why they use us. That combined with affordable prices means that even the smallest business can use our services and see great returns.

Why choose Our Social Media Advertising Team?

We provide social media advertising for businesses across various industries. Knowledgeable about what works when it comes to reaching your target market, our team knows how to engage, educate and use the right advertising content that inspires your audience to act.

Why should I contact Moogle Marketing ?

Experience and expertise are necessary to get the best out of any marketing efforts. For example, every social advertising platform has its nuances that aren’t obvious when you start. Only by using the platform for advertising will you discover what works best and what doesn’t
Jumping in to do your social advertising can be time-consuming and costly as you will need to go through a steep learning curve to understand how to reach your audience and how to engage them.
Hire the team at Moogle Marketing, and we’ll handle it all for you.

Social media advertising can be extremely valuable. We recommend to all our clients that they give it a go. You don’t have to start with a significant investment. You need enough to prove to yourself that it gets the results you need to grow your business.
Once the correct targeting is selected, it’s possible to scale up for exceptional results.

As with any service, the main benefits of using a social media advertising service are the team that helps you have an advertising experience. They know which platforms are likely to get you the leads you want or generate brand awareness with new prospects.
You don’t have to go through a long and painful learning curve to get some responses to your ads. The team at Moogle Marketing has already learned a great deal about how to catch audiences’ interest. The team also knows how to engage them and encourage them to go over to your website to learn more or make contact with you.

Starting with getting to know about your business and your commercial goals, we dive deep into your products and services. The more we know and understand your brand, the more effective we will be with your social media advertising project.
Once we’ve got a firm hold on who you are and what you want to happen, we can then produce an ad that will get you seen and noticed for all the right reasons. Now the optimisation work comes into play as we adjust your ad to get the best results. We use A/B testing techniques to measure which ads get the best results.
From here, it’s assessment and applying that analysis that will get your business the results that you’ve been dreaming of.

As with all our work, we start by getting to know you and what you want from our marketing services. All social media advertising work begins with learning about your brand and your customers. We want to know what makes them tick so we can design the most effective and appealing advertisements for them.
We will be performing A/B testing on every ad and tweaking it for the best performance during advertising your brand.
You can also expect exceptional customer service, excellent communication, and head-turning creative work. Each team member has a ‘can do’ attitude and will go the extra mile to ensure that you get what you’re looking for in results.

lET US HELP YOU WITH YOUR social media advertising !

Social media advertising can be an advantageous but affordable method of reaching consumers or new clients. Businesses in every industry can benefit from using social media advertising to educate, inform and reach new audiences. Whether you’re looking to advertise on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, we can help you get the most bang for your buck and drive the leads and sales that you’re looking for.