Website Maintenance

Every business needs regular website maintenance services to keep one of its most important marketing channels in tip-top condition.
Here at Moogle, we can help you maintain a secure, functional, and effective website


If you’ve got a business that sells online, you’ve most likely got a website promoting your business. The website is where the clientele makes your brand’s first impression, what you offer, and how likely you are to meet their needs.
For your website to do its job, it needs to be updated, in good working condition, and with all your links and information updated. Without being in good shape, likely, you won’t get much traffic.
Keeping a website well-maintained can be a tough job to do alone. For example, understanding code and script can be a challenge in itself. As a business owner, it’s more valuable for you to focus on business strategy than the technicalities of website development and maintenance.

Who is Moogle Marketing and How can we Help your Website stay Properly Maintained?

There are several benefits to your business when it comes to using a mailing list growth company.For example, keeping a list of subscribers is one of the most cost-effective methods of growing your business. Create compelling content, and your readers will benefit from your guidance and what you have to offer.

Emailing your prospects give you a connection to your current or prospective buyers. Just by giving you their name and email address is a signal that they’re interested in what you have to say and offer.Email is a great way to showcase what you acknowledge and educate your readers on your industry knowledge. Building brand recognition by reminding your readers who your brand is and your values will always be beneficial.

Why Choose Our Website Maintenance Experts?

Time is the number one reason that business owners hire our website maintenance service team. Business owners have a lot to focus on these days, and not getting down in the nitty-gritty of a website is one way to ensure they have more of it.
There’s a lot to know when it comes to website maintenance. Not only you have to be familiar with website design and coding, but you need to know what the latest guidelines are coming out of search engines such as Google.
Unfortunately, websites cannot maintain themselves and need to be updated continuously to perform at their best.

Why Should I Contact Moogle Marketing?

As one of the leading marketing agencies in Morocco getting in touch for a no-obligation chat or a quote is worth your while. We are known for providing highly cost-effective quality services that transform the success of businesses.
Our experienced team is passionate about their work, and for them, there is nothing better than taking any business to the next level.

The most vital part of any business is to have a website that provides current information, provides an environment that reflects your values and brand. Ideally, it will be attractive to look at, and visitors will have a reason to keep visiting.
Prospects may want to check out which services you offer and buy from you. Whether your customers are direct buyers or B2B buyers, people like to research what they’re getting into before making their final purchasing decisions.
With more people using mobile devices than ever before, It’s vital to ensure that visitors can view your website from smartphones and tablets. This doesn’t mean it has to cost you a lot of money, or even be complicated and extensive, but you do need to ensure that it complies with what today’s search engines are recommending.

Here at Moogle Marketing, our first step will be to assess what condition your website is in, look at when it last had some maintenance work done on it, and work with you to craft a valuable but cost-effective package for your business.
We will ensure that your site has not got security holes that need to be filled immediately and will look at fixing any other technical issues. Our website maintenance team have years of experience, so know what the most important aspects are to work on when it comes to updating your website.


Getting your website up and running is just the beginning of the journey. Just as with anything else in life, websites need maintenance. Our website maintenance services include adding fresh content, revising web copy, adding new web pages or changing what’s already there. The result is that your content is always up to date and fresh.