Social Media Analytics and Growth

Using social media analytics, we can uncover valuable insights that will help you identify and engage with your target market.
Applying the analysis to each of your social media posts, we can look at how people feel about your brand and use that to gain better traction.


Moogle Marketing has an in-depth knowledge of online digital marketing. Whether you’re looking for video production, social media management or content creation, or you need a web copy for your new site, we can help. Web designers, web developers, graphic designers, writers and marketing personnel are at your disposal and an affordable price.

Who are Moogle Marketing and why choose us for your Social Media Analytics and Growth?

Moogle Marketing provides robust social media analytics and growth service. The first thing we will do is get to know your audience and understand how they react to your posts. We will then find ways that we can influence their behaviour.
Having been in the digital marketing arena longer than we would care to admit, we offer cost-effective digital marketing services to businesses of every size.

Why should I contact Moogle Marketing?

If you’re looking for insights that will help you to optimise your social media performance, build better relationships with your followers and measure your effectiveness, then Moogle Marketing is your team.

There’s no doubt that social media analytics are fundamental to the success of any business. In addition to measuring performance KPIs for your social media campaign investments, we can show you how to measure what revenue you’re getting from any paid social media content promotion.
Overall, we can help you with the following areas:
• Performance analytics
• Customer service and community management analytics
• Competitive analytics
• Paid social media analytics
• Sentiment analysis
• Audience analytics
• Influencer analytics
All the analysing we do begins with getting to know your audience. We need to understand what your audience likes to build a powerful and effective audience-first marketing strategy. The marketing strategy is designed to give your audience what they want, encourages them to go down your funnel and gives them great customer experiences.

Having the correct understanding of your data is essential for making progress. We join the dots for you to understand what your social media data means and what you should do to get the best from it. We provide you with easy-to-understand reports on what has happened and what you should do next.We believe that there is no point in spending on marketing if you cannot measure whether it’s a success or not. Assessing and analysis empower you to improve your performance, use better budgeting and create strategies that get you the results you want.


Your social media channels should be growing your business by connecting with your followers. By analysing the response you get to each post, we can help you learn about your audience and your competition so that you’ll have all the answers to gain trust and enjoy increased profits.
Social media offers an excellent platform for brands and consumers to connect.