Video Animation

At one point, only the entertainment industry used animation, but now it’s used by many other industries.
If you’re looking for a talented video animation service provider, who knows how to create engaging and inspiring pieces, Moogle Marketing can help.


Whether you’re looking for an animation video or any other video production, Moogle Marketing has the skills and the equipment to produce a top-quality product for your company.
Besides our video skills, we also have experience and knowledge of PPC, SEO, social media content creation and web design and development.
When you hire us, you’ll be assigned a project manager who will ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.

Who is Moogle Marketing and Why choose us for your Animated Video Project ?

Moogle Marketing is a one-stop-shop marketing agency based in Morocco. Besides providing PPC, SEO, social media management, and graphic design services, we design and develop websites and are a video production house. You can see all the services we offer on the navigation menu above. Whether you need animation videos for Kickstarter campaigns, websites, YouTube adverts, eCommerce, or apps, we can provide you with all the videos you need in the form of explainer videos that inform and educate your prospects or in other video forms.

How We work on your Video Animation Project

Working on a video animation project involves more than just getting the video produced. It also means writing the script, storyboarding what happens and planning how the video will be created. Besides, there’s branding and a voice-over required – and in some cases, we add subtitles or even produce the video in a collection of different languages.

What Animated Video Production can We Do ?

Moogle Marketing provides animated video production services for clients all over the world. Although based in Morocco, our customers come from all over the place for our explainer videos, tutorials, and other company videos informing and educating. No matter what type of animated video you need us to produce, we can create something that your target market will love and feel inspired by your brand.

At Moogle Marketing, our approach to any project we take focuses on bringing inspiration to whoever the target is. We want them to feel your brand is magnetic and the only one they want to work with, buy from or hire.

Why should you contact Moogle Marketing?

Known for being cost-effective with any marketing project, Moogle Marketing is a one-stop shop for marketing services. Based in Morocco, our prices are lower than you’d expect to find for a team of talented creatives with our experience and expertise.
Having worked for various industries on projects of all sizes, we can help you with social media, websites, SEO, PPC, and more. Each of our team members has creativity coming out of every pore and is keen to get your business where it should be.

Once you hire us, our team will get to work.
First, we need to learn about your brand and what your values are as a company. We want to ensure that we present you in the right light. Then we will start crafting the video using all the top techniques, software, and equipment.
We’ll communicate our progress as we go and will ask you for input at appropriate times so that you know you’ll be getting exactly what you had in mind. If you didn’t have anything in mind, leave it to us, and we’ll create just the output to get the results you want.

We take your project through the following processes:
•Design and art. direction
•Background sounds and voice-over.
•Asset creation.
•Motion capture.
•Cleanup and editing.
•Final rendering.
Using the best software on the market on the latest technologies, our team creates truly exceptional and memorable productions that put your business in the best light.


Contact us today for a no-obligation chat about how we can take your business to the next level. Moogle Marketing knows what it takes to elevate your business to the next level through marketing. Get in touch now to gain the commercial results and goals you’re eager to achieve.