Videography & Video Production

If you’re looking for videography and video production services, you’re in the right place. Our videographers can bring your ideas to life by capturing footage that is polished and transformed into an engaging film. Our video production team will take care of your budget and organise the project for the best success. We are based in Morocco.


Moogle Marketing is a Morocco-based video production company working with corporates, businesses, brands, charities and the public sector.

Making videos is what we do best. Our filmmakers make exciting films for our clients.

As one of the leading video production companies in Morocco, we enjoy using its beauty to make fascinating movies when possible. Whether it’s for marketing purposes, including social media and YouTube, explainer video, corporate videos or training films – we have the experience you need.

What Do we offer in our Video Production Service ?

Our video production service offers everything you need to create an engaging and inspirational movie that can be used in various ways.
As part of the service, you can expect to gain access to:

*Both single and multi-camera shoots.
*Video editing.
*3D and 2D graphics.
*Video marketing strategy.
*Color correction.
*Video hosting.
*Video distribution.
*Motion graphics.
*Scriptwriting and editing.
*Video headers and backgrounds.
Our clients use our videos for:
*Explainer videos.
*Interview videos.
*How-to videos.
*Company overviews.
*Testimonial and review videos.
*Commercials and short promos.
No matter what type of video you need, Moogle Marketing can help you. We are based in Morocco and have access to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

How Can Moogle Marketing helps you make your video?

Morocco video production has several benefits. Firstly, Moogle Marketing offers highly cost-effective services that can only come from being an offshore video production team. We’re still happy to travel if necessary and can bring our crew with us. In addition to our scriptwriters, we have motion designers, sound recordists, translators and animators – everything required to make the most engaging and influential video for your brand.

Why Should You Contact Moogle Marketing?

The amount of experience that Moogle Marketing has had in video production is demonstrated in every piece of video we finish for clients. By hiring us, you know that you’ve got a specialist team working on your video production. Each team member has experience putting together videos that engage, communicate, and inspire people to take action. Our videos are typically memorable pieces that give viewers a feel-good experience.

Moogle Marketing offers a full-service video production service. We do it all. Creating your content from the initial idea, through the scripting and storyboarding through to location finding, casting actors and of course doing all the shooting and editing of your video. We make a wide variety of films, including:
Marketing Videos – Get Your Product or Service on Film.
Case study videos – to highlight the results of your brand, charity or products for others.
Explainer videos – these videos offer help to new clients and potential customers. They aren’t necessarily sales tools but can influence sales outcomes.
Campaign video – if you’re setting up a marketing campaign, you need it to be supported by video.

Using a video production team in Morocco has many benefits. For example, if you hired a team of video experts in a place like London or New York, you’d be paying inflated prices for work that may not even be of the best quality.
Here in Morocco, we have an expert team with years of experience producing videos for all purposes and organisations. From the small-time YouTube vloggers to the small business owner, to real estate sellers, hoteliers and corporations – our team know how to get the best from any video budget.
Our video production team can help you get the outcome you want from any video project with a broad network of contacts.
Besides, our overheads are smaller than you’ll find across the US or Europe. We pass savings onto our clients and ensure that they get the best quality video possible for a great investment return.

Videos offer an exceptional way to communicate value. Professionalism can be communicated to potential customers and new clients on a video. Films that are personal and insightful have the opportunity to connect and build loyalty.
There are so many benefits of hiring a professional video production service to create an engaging film for your company, charity or other organisation.
What professional video production services bring to your video is experience, talent and insights into how to get the best from planning, storytelling and editing. Using high-quality cameras and equipment, not only will the visuals be better but also the audio.

Without knowing what you’re doing, you could take far longer than necessary to create a professional video that engages and inspires.
Unless your full-time profession is video production, creating a video will require you to stop your other work to focus on the video entirely. It could get stressful, and the outcome could be a piece that fails to connect and influence.
Using a professional video production service means you’ll get access to all the experience and expertise of production crews who know about style, approach, story etc. You can depend on a polished video being the outcome.

Once you hire our video production team, the first task will be to understand what you’re looking for in your film. Do you need a specific setting, a particular flavour, with or without actors and props? When we have a good understanding of what you want your video to be like, we will start looking at how we can make this a reality for you. If necessary, we will do location search, cast search and more.

Using a video production company in Morocco is typically far more cost-effective than using one in London or Paris. In addition to having a purpose-built studio, our overheads are low. We are very clear and transparent with all invoicing, and you’ll receive quotes upfront. You’ll be impressed once you see the quality of our video output.


Clients use our videography and video production services all around the world. We can take on your project, add sound effects and visual elements that will give the finishing touches to your high-end production. Our video producer will ensure that all spending goes to budget and schedules for actors and crew members. The outcome will be a memorable and influential film.
An engaging video that builds trust and brings value to the viewer can make all the difference for any brand.